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Please review our special terms for body fat scales / monitors which are NOT returnable HERE.

Please review our special terms for baby scales which are NOT returnable HERE.

Please review our special terms for calibration weights which are NOT returnable HERE.

Please email us with product questions prior to placing your order or contact the manufacturer directly at the phone numbers listed here.  All products that are sold with a manufacturer's warranty, require that you contact that manufacturer directly for resolution.  All Paypal purchases are sold as advertised and are FINAL SALES- NO RETURNS.

The reason for this policy is the amount of discount we sell at makes it that we would lose money in shipping fees sending out a replacement unit.  All scales are brand new and in very rare instances a scale could be defective upon receipt and the purchaser agrees the "assumption of risk".  All balances/scales are warrantied by the manufacturer to be free of defects in material and workmanship and not Precison Weighing Balances.  A full listing with all the manufacturer's phone numbers can be found here.

Paypal( has recently implement new fraud protections guidelines.  These safeguards were introduced in August 2000 and have been recently updated to increase the confidence of both buyers and sellers in the Paypal payments network.  Precision Weighing Balances has participated in the new Paypal requirements and has attained online seal of approval has a "Verified Seller by"

For online commerce to thrive, buyers and sellers must feel safe and secure from people they don't know.'s new Buyer Protection Guarantee protects for both parties.  People attempting to transpired in fraudulent activities such as credit card fraud or sellers who never shipped goods should be eliminated or weeded out with these new guidelines.  In such cases, sellers are required by law to refund the purchase.  However, if the seller turns out to be fraudulent, there is often no remedy.  Recent cases on eBay have demonstrated this unfortunate problem.  Precision Weighing Balances has been on line since since 1996.  Even still we have followed the Paypal Guideline to become Verified by to reinforce you that we are a real company.  The verification status appears on the confirmation page before the buyer completes payment.'s new Buyer Protection Guarantee is simple: if a buyer pays a seller who has been Verified by, then Paypal will guarantee the buyer's money back in case the seller turns out to be fraudulent.  This Guarantee is like free insurance for buyers, and will make it much more attractive for buyers to pay Verified sellers with PayPal.

We have done our part, now you need to do your part.  Below are the guideline set forth by Paypal which you MUST Comply with in order to do business with Precision Weighing Balances - Paypal Account - [email protected].

 Guideline for using Paypal with - [email protected] account.

To eliminate risk Paypal has imposed these guidelines for all sellers(Precision Weighing Balances).  If you don't like them please issue your complaints to Paypal since we believe they are very simple and basic rules.  Since we will abide by these rules set forth by Paypal, they guarantees that Precision Weighing Balances is always protected against charge backs due to fraud.  Since we save money, you save money with our unbelievable low low prices.  Here they are:

  • We accept payment from only one PayPal account per purchase - we do not accept multiple payments for a single item.  The maximum amount per purchase is $250.00.

  • We only accept payments from users who have a Confirmed Address.  We will NOT accept Payments from non-Confirmed Addresses.  If your confirmed address is a PO Box and the item on our site states add $8 for shipping to a PO Box and you decide to e-mail us a physical street address WE WILL NOT SHIP the parcel to any other address than the Confirmed Address listed of the Transaction ID for the sale.  Again we ONLY ship to Confirmed Address since this is the only way we are protected with PayPal against fraud.  P.O. Box addresses will be shipped via US Priority mail with delivery confirmation.  If you don't send the additional $8 to our PayPal account [email protected] within 72 hours we will send funds back to your PayPal account minus a service fee as follows.  Selling price - (minus 2.9% + 35 cents , Paypal fee) - minus $15 service fee.  Example if you bought item(s) totaling $100.00 the refund would be ($100.00 - 2.9% = $97.10, $97.10 - $0.35 = $96.75, $96.75 - $15 = $81.75.  Therefore the refund posted would be $81.75).  As you can see it will be very expensive if you attempt not to follow the guideline.

  • Parcel return by the shipping carrier as undeliverable, no such person at address, no forwarding address will be subject to the fees outlined in our Return /Cancellations Policy.  We are not responsible for items returned in error by the shipping carrier.

  • We will only accept payments from Verified Users We will NOT accept Payments from Unverified Users

  • We will NOT accept Payments from International Users since Paypal will not guarantee the purchase under the seller's protection plan.

  • We will only accept Payments from Bank Accounts or PayPal balance payments from users who have a confirmed bank account added to their PayPal account.  Basically the only way Paypal can have a "Confirmed Address" on you is they need to have a credit card also on file with your account since Paypal uses the "billing address" on the credit card as your "Confirmed Address".  If you don't have a credit card then you need to call Paypal so they can mail you forms to fill out enabling you to have a Confirmed Address.

  • We only accept eCheck payments from Web Accept and Instant Purchase Payments from users who have a Confirmed Address.

  • If you have problems using Paypal please do not call us since the problem is with you "not following the steps listed above" or Paypal's system not functioning properly.  Instead, please call Paypal at (402) 935-7733 Monday - Friday 6 am to 12 midnight Central Standard Time or PayPal Business Accounts at 1-888-221-1161 press option "6", 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they will be happy to assist you in figuring out what is wrong any why your can't send money to us.  Please be assured our Preferences for accepting Paypal funds are correct and we will not change them since the way the "Preferences" are configured guarantees us against fraud with Paypal.  We understand signing up for Paypal and following Paypal's requirements needed to become a "Verified Buyer" with a "Confirmed Address" can be a major hassle, but once you accomplish this, buying from other merchants accepting Paypal will be a breeze.  All of the security steps are a result of the small group of people would wish to use the internet to commit credit card fraud and law enforcement's lacked attitude towards prosecuting credit card fraud.  Since we sell our products a "deep discount prices" and not the MSRP we have no room for credit card fraud in our business model for selling scales online.

In the unlikely event you think that we will break the above rules, your wrong.  We will refund your paypal account minus the Paypal processing fee Paypal charged us for the transaction and Precision Weighing Balances will impose a $15 service fee for our time posting the credit and the hassle you have provided us for being a non conformist.  We don't want to scold people like this, we just want to sell balances and scales super cheap and want our money for the goods.  It's simple, we have no room for theft, shrinkage (that's what store owner's call theft by employees and customers) or chargebacks (that what happens when the credit card company tells a company when they processed a fraudulent credit card transaction).  Only crooks would be insulted by these guidelines and if your not one you have nothing to worry about.

 Shipping and proof of delivery

Precision Weighing Balances is required under PayPal's Buyer Protection Program to retain reasonable proof-of-shipping.  To comply Precision Weighing Balances ships everything USPS with delivery confirmation or UPS ground.  Most parcels under 3 pounds are shipped US Priority Mail.  PWB takes no responsibility for lost orders, wrong deliveries or product damage caused by the Postal Service or UPS.

All other parcels over 3 pounds are typically shipped UPS Ground.  We don't put "Adult Signature Required" on the box so it is the UPS Driver's decision to leave the parcel in your door if your not home.  We have no control if the UPS Driver decides they want your signature to release the parcel.  Regardless, all orders shipped UPS are fully insured so we can issue a replacement promptly if the parcel is ever stolen from your front door.  Prior to issuing a replacement UPS will initiate a "tracer" and conduct an investigation on what happened to the parcel and this can take up to 7 business days.  We can not ship the replacement parcel until UPS completes their investigation and pays us for the lost goods.

In the unlikely event any parcel comes back to us we will assess a $8.00 handling fee plus the cost to reship the parcel back to the CONFIRMED ADDRESS original sent by Paypal when the goods where purchased.  We will not ship to any other address other than the CONFIRMED ADDRESS.  If you don't reply to our notification or we can't get in touch with you that your parcel was returned we will credit your paypal account minus the Paypal fees (2.9% + $0.35) takes from us as their commission/processing fee minus the S&H fee and Precision Weighing Balances will impose a $15 service fee for our time posting the credit.

 How to Become "Verified"

To verify your PayPal account, simply register and confirm a bank account.  Just log in to, and look for the "Add Bank Account" link in the How to Activate Your Account box.  You will be able to confirm your bank account by completing a simple online process.  The instructions are on the website.  Why does Paypal ask users to confirm ownership of a bank account?  Because banks and other financial institutions are required by law to screen account holders.  By proving ownership of a bank account, you demonstrate that you have passed this screening process and have verified your identity.  In turn, this lowers Paypal's financial risk and allows Paypal to guarantee you.

* * * * * * * * * *

Precision Weighing Balances and are committed to making online payments safe for both buyers and sellers, and we think that our new fraud protections help to accomplish this goal.  Thank you for using's PayPal service, the fastest and safest way to send and receive money online. You can also contact PayPal Customer Service at [email protected].


The Precision Weighing Balances Team

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